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a) A small IT firm intends to recruit web developers (both inexperienced and experienced) to build a team to develop web applications. Draft a possible job explanation for the post of web developer who will have to perform all the steps comprised in the life cycle of a web site/application.

b) Devise a recruitment campaign to attract the best talent for the above mentioned job. Use different methods and justify each component of the recruitment campaign.

c) The IT firm as well had an existing team of developers (in their late 20’s) who don’t have a first degree however is quite skilled on VB 6.0 development and have about 5-years experience. These developers are quite unhappy to see the new salary packages offered to the new web developers. In view of their critical importance to the firm, the management of the firm intends to permit the existing developers to have a more salary package but it doesn’t intend to reward only seniority. You are therefore requested to devise an interesting performance appraisal and associated reward system that meets this objective of motivating staff to raise their performance, maintain good service levels whilst upgrading their education and skills (suppose that the existing VB 6.0 developers are getting a salary in the range Rs 6,000 to Rs 12,000 while the web developers who are BSc holders are getting a salary in the range of Rs 15,000 to Rs 25,000 – note that the software manager earns a package of Rs 50,000).

d) The software company as well has resort to contract programmers who are skilled and experienced developers already working in other companies to meet up the lack of manpower in the company.

However this permits for more flexibility, it also costs the company more (some developers earn easily about Rs 30,000 per month part time). Outline a framework to specify that skills can be outsourced and which skills must be kept in-house.

e) What are the dangers (to the company) of having resort to contract programmers who are already working full time in other software houses?

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