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problem 1) Data communication needs a sending device, a receiving device and a _________:

A. Network Administrator
B. Telephone Line
C. Server
D. Communication Channel

problem 2) A WAN spans normally:

A. Over a large area
B. From one room to another
C. Within a single building
D. None of the above

problem 3) Data transmission is meant in which format:

A. Analogue
B. Digital
C. Both of the above
D. None of the above

problem 4) ____ are attached to computer systems using USB or serial ports, and uses dial-up technology:

A. Internal Modems
B. External Modems

problem 5) The two types of twisted pair are:

A. STP and UTP
B. SFP and UFP
C. STP and UFP
D. SFP and UTP

problem 6) ____ transmit data using light and are immune to electrical noise:

A. Twisted Pair
B. Coaxial Cable
C. Optical Fibre
D. None of the above

problem 7) A satellite receiving signals from the earth station is called as:

A. Upload
B. Download
C. Downlink
D. Uplink

problem 8) A device connected to network is referred to as:

A. Computer
B. Server
C. Node
D. Switch

problem 9) A ____ topology has central device for managing the network:

A. Ring
B. Star
C. Bus
D. Mesh

problem 10) Distortion in a signal is known as:

A. Phase
B. Frequency
C. Fluctuation
D. Noise

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