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problem1) Answer all the problems.

(i) Distinguish between system software and application software.

(ii) Name major kinds of output devices.

(iii) What E-R diagram depicts. Give suitable ex with a diagram.

(iv) describe system decomposition?

(v) prepare down the categories of E-commerce?

problem2) Information Technology is the glue which holds organizations together. Describe and comment.

problem3) What kind of information is needed at different levels of management? Describe the significance of each.

problem4) describe the features and advantages of ‘Transaction processing system’.

problem5) Answer all the problems.

(i) Mention any two differences between strategic management and business policy.

(ii) Briefly describe functional strategy.

(iii) Any two advantages of turnaround strategy.

(iv) State the three corporate-level cooperative strategies.

(v) What is a strategic resources allocation?

problem6) Describe strategic management process with the help of suitable diagram.

problem7) What are the differences between tangible and intangible resources? Why is it significant for decision markers to understand these differences?

problem8) Is it possible for the company or business unit to follow a cost leadership strategy and a differentiation strategy simultaneously? Why or why not.

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