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1) describe the definition of constant and what are its different types used in C.?

2) describe the different kinds of library functions used in C language?

3) How can you apply arithmetic operations on strings?

4) Describe the meaning of the dangling pointer? What kind of problems it can cause?

5) Give reason for why for loop is most popular among programmers?

6) prepare down the similarity and differences between the conditional control statement and null statement?

7) describe the structure tag and what is its objectives?

8) prepare down the order of precedence of all the C++ operators.

9) Describe the different IF statements and why the ladder IF statement is used?

10) What do you understand by classes in classes?

11) describe the meaning of multiple inheritances?

12) Distinguish between bottom up and top-down testing.

13) Distinguish between structural and integration testing?

14) Describe the software quality attributes.

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