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Computer systems may be classified into two categories: classical and quantum. This assignment willfocus on classical computers. Classical computer systems’ design trends have been shifting from very large systems that occupy warehouse size buildings down to handheld systems. Very large systems include supercomputers such as the K computer, SPARC64 VIIIfx 2.0 GHz, Tofu interconnect manufactured by Fujitsu. It has 705,024 CPU cores and 1,410.048 GB of RAM and is the largest in theworld. A list of the top 10 supercomputers can be been seen at Website. Handheld systems include smartphones such as the iPhone, Android, and Windows 7 Phone. There are also embedded systems, which run real-time operating systems to control automobile engines, industrial robots, spacecraft, and industrial control systems.

prepare a two to three (2-3) page paper in which you:

problem 1: Compare and contrast the following, in terms of cores (or microprocessors), random access memory (RAM), disk storage, and networking capabilities.

a) Supercomputers
b) Mainframe computers
c) Desktop computers
d) Laptops
e) Handheld computers

problem 2: Suppose that you were an architect working for a Fortune 500 company with millions of customers. Your company would like to provide a Web-based self-service computer environment for customers.

a) Determine the computer platform that your company should use so that it can scale to the millions of customers. Include how the platform should be managed for high availability and redundancy for continuous uptimes.

b) describe how you would convince your company to adopt your solution. Provide both technical and business reasons.

problem 2: Computer users have been moving to using tablet and smartphone devices in larger numbers.

a) CEOs, CIOs, managers, and end users need to be able to access data everywhere using these devices. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these devices in terms of computing power, maintenance, and security.

b) Select the one that you would advise to buy and describe why.

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