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problem 1: Declare two arrays A and B, find

(i) A intersection B and

(ii) A union B.

problem 2: prepare the program to crypt its input according to a specified transformation scheme. The transformation scheme would consist of two strings: a string of characters and then a string of replacement characters. The idea is that your program replaces every instance of the ith character in the initial string with the (i+2) character (of English alphabets) in the replacement string. When no substitution is defined for a character, the program just passes it through to the output unchanged. Blank spaces and the other symbols remains the same. The program should inform the user of any errors in the transformation scheme. The program must display the phrase before and after substitutions have been made.


Original String: I know C programming.

String after the transformation: K mpqy E rtqitcookpi.

problem3: prepare the interactive program called “DISTANCE CONVERTER” which accepts distance in millimetres / feet / miles / yards / kilometres and displays its equivalent in metres.

problem4: prepare the interactive program to generate progress reports for students of class XII (Science group). Assumptions could be made wherever essential.


(a) Carry out following arithmetic operations using binary signed 2"s complement notation for integers. You might suppose that maximum size of integers is of 12 bits including the sign bit. (Please note that numbers given here are in decimal notation)

i) Add – 512 and 298

ii) Subtract 512 from – 64

ii) Add 1025 and 1023
Please indicate overflow if it is occurs.

(b) Convert hexadecimal number: AB CD EF into binary, octal and decimal equivalent.

(c) Convert the following string into equivalent “UTF 8” code –“Copyright sign is © and you must check it prior to using copyrighted material”.

Are these codes same as that used in ASCII?

(d) Design a logic circuit which takes a four digit binary input, counts the number of 1s in it, and produces it as the output. For ex, if the input is 1101, then output would be 11 (as there are three ones in the input). Draw truth table and use K-map to design the Boolean expressions for each of the output bits. Draw the resulting circuit diagram using AND – OR – NOT gates.

(e) Design the two bit counter (a sequential circuit) that counts as 0, 2, 0, 2... and so on. You must show the state table, state diagram, the k-map for circuit design, logic diagram of the resultant design using D flip-flop.

(f) Design a floating point representation of 16 bits closer to IEEE 754 format. The number should have a biased exponent of 5 bits. You may assume that the mantissa is in normalised form; the exponent bias of 15; and one bit is used for the sign bit in the mantissa. Represent the number (24.125) 10 using this format .


(a) A RAM has a capacity of 32 K × 16.

(i) How many data input and data output lines does this RAM need to have?

(ii) How many address lines will be needed for this RAM?

(b) Consider a RAM of 512 words with a word size of 32 bits. Suppose that this memory have a cache memory of 8 Blocks with block size of 64 bits. For the given memory and Cache in the statements as above, draw a diagram to show the address mapping of RAM and Cache, if two way set associative memory to cache mapping scheme is used.

(c) Describe which of the Input/output techniques which would be used for the following operations. Also describe the I/O techniques.

(i) Reading data from a keyboard

(ii) Reading data from a file.

(d) Find average disk access time which reads or prepares a 1024 byte sector. Suppose that the disk rotates at 18000 rpm; each track of the disk has 128 sectors and data transfer rate of the disk is 100 MB/second. (Compute data transfer time, suppose a appropriate seek time and compute the average latency time).

(e) What is the aim of FAT in Windows? What construct do you use in Linux/Unix instead of FAT? Describe the differences between the two.

(f) Define each of the following term. Describe the major purpose / use / advantage.

(i) ZBR in the context of disks

(ii) SCSI

(iii) Colour Depth

(iv) Graphics Accelerators

(v) Monitor Resolution

(vi) Active matrix display


(a) Suppose that the new machine has been developed that has only 16 general purpose registers, but have the big high speed RAM. The machine uses stack for procedure calls. The machine is expected to handle all the object oriented languages. List four addressing modes that should be supported by such a machine. Give justification of the selection of each of the addressing modes.

(b) Suppose a hypothetical machine which has only PC, AC, MAR, IR, DR and Flag registers. (You might suppose the roles of these registers same as that are defined in general for a von Neumann machine) The instructions of this machine can take two operands - one the operand of these must be a register operand. It has an instruction:

SUB AC, X; // it performs the operation AC ← AC – Content of location X. prepare and describe the sequence of micro-operations that are required to fetch and execute the instruction. Make and state suitable assumptions, if any.

(c) Describe the functions performed by the Micro-programmed Control Unit with the help of diagram Control Units? Also describe role of sequencing logic component of Control Unit.

(d) What are the advantages of instruction pipeline? Describe with the help of a diagram for a 3 stage instruction pipeline having cycles IFD (Instruction Fetch and Decode), OF (Operand Fetch) and ES (Execute and store results). What could be the problems of such an instruction pipeline?

(e) Suppose that the RISC machine has 64 registers out of which 16 registers are reserved for the Global variables. Assuming that 8 of the registers are to be used for one function, describe how the remaining registers would be used as overlapped register windows. How would these registers be used for parameter passing for subroutine calls? Describe with the help of diagram.


(a) prepare the program in 8086 assembly Language (with proper comments) to find if a given sub-string is prefix of a given string. For ex, the sub-string “Assembly” is the prefix in the string “Assembly Language Programming.” You might suppose that the sub-string as well as the string is available in the memory. You might also suppose that the end of the strings is the character „$?. Make suitable assumptions, if any.

(b) prepare a program in 8086 assembly language to convert a two digit packed BCD number into equivalent ASCII digits. Your program must print the two ASCII digits. You might suppose that BCD number is in the AL register.

(c) prepare a simple subroutine which receives one parameter value. The subroutine checks if the passed parameter value is 0 or otherwise. In case, value is 0 then it prints FALSE, otherwise it prints TRUE. Make suitable assumptions, if any.


a) What is proof? Describe method of direct proof with the help of one ex.

b) Show whether 11 is rational or irrational.

c) Prove that A - (A - B) : A ∩ B


a) Make logic circuit for the following Boolean expressions:

i) (x′.y + z) + (x+y+z)′ +(x+y.z)

ii) ( x'+y).(y′+ z).(y.z′+x′)

b) What is dual of the Boolean expression? Determine dual of Boolean expression of the output of the following logic circuit:


a) What is inclusion-exclusion principle? Describe inclusion-exclusion principle with the ex.


a) Find how many 3 digit numbers are even? How many 3 digit numbers are composed of odd digits.

b) How many different 20 persons committees can be formed each containing at least 2 Professors and at least 3 Associate Professor from a set of 10 Professors and 42 Associate Professors.

c) Prove that for every positive integer n, n3 + n is even.


a) What is Demorgan's Law? Describe the use of Demorgen?s law with an ex?

b) How many ways are there to distribute 10 district objects into 4 distinct boxes with?

i) At least two empty box.

ii) No empty box.

c) In a fifty problem true false examination a student should achieve twenty five correct answers to pass. If student answer randomly what is the probability that student will fail.

problem 14: Develop SRS for Grade Card Generation System. Utilize IEEE format. Make essential assumptions.

problem15: How would you check correctness of a DFD? What are D's and Don'ts while drawing the DFD. Use exs or illustrations.

problem16: Draw ERD for Grade Card Generation System. Make needed assumptions.

problem17: What are different functions of MIS? What are benefits of it to the organization which implements MIS.

problem18: Read passage below and answer the problems that follow:

Tribal elder in southern India, a Bellwood star, a young villager. One uses an original piece of bent wire, second a high-powered rifle, and last, a jaw trap. The first might make a meal of his catch, the second might carry home antlers as trophy and the third might sell the skin and bones to a trader.

Hunting is perhaps one of the oldest ways in which humans have interacted with wildlife. Over time, as we honed this ancient skill, we systematically drove several animals to extinction. Mastodons, woolly mammoths and moas (giant, flightless birds that lived in New Zealand until the 15th century) were all given the final shove by human hunters unaided by guns or gunpowder. With modern weapons in hand, we did even better. Passenger pigeons, whose massive flocks once darkened American skies, were shot in thousands in the presumption that they could never become extinct. But they did.

Closer home, the wolf and tiger teeter on the brink. Their once vast ranges are now mere fragments but still, neither they nor their prey are safe from poison, snare or shotgun.

All of this takes place despite some of the most stringent wildlife protection laws in the world. Most hunting was outlawed in India in 1972. Overnight, an activity with complex social and cultural roots became illegal. In some places, the law combined with modern forms of recreation to draw people away from hunting, but has not been able to stop it completely. Despite the widespread availability of affordable farmed meat, hunting for the pot continues because of strong cultural preferences for wild meat.

Despite such strong social, economic and cultural roots, we still treat elimination of hunting entirely as the law-enforcement exercise. And this task is in the hands of ill-equipped, poorly-motivated and sometimes corrupt forest department personnel who don’t always make the best guardians of the law.

Alongside enforcement, law needs widespread public support that could come only if the socio-economic factors of hunting are addressed. Shooting suspected poachers at sight might have helped reduce hunting in Kaziranga but this strategy may not work everywhere. In the Periyar Tiger Reserve, former poachers have been trained and inducted as wildlife guides, providing them the alternative livelihood. In Namdapha Tiger Reserve, addressing a traditional hunting community?s needs in education, healthcare and livelihood has helped secure their support for the law. These are clear pointers to securing the future of our wildlife – by building context-specific solutions to make hunting implausible and unviable, rather than just illegal.

a) What is common between a tribal, a Bollywood star and a young villager according to the passage?

b) List four animals/birds which have become extinct because of human intervention.

c) Why is hunting common in India despite strong legislation?

d) What were the measures taken in three wildlife sanctuaries to stop hunting?

e) Give a appropriate title to the passage.

f) Given below are meanings of some words/phrases from passage. Select those words/phrases from the text:

i) A very clever device

ii) Branched horns on the head of a deer

iii) Developed and improved

iv) Total destruction

v) Ultimate push

vi) A situation that is close to becoming disastrous

vii) A trap for catching birds or small animals

viii) Very strictly enforced law

problem19: Fill in the blanks using passive forms. One is done for you as an ex.
Rohit Chauhan was just sent (send) to prison. Yesterday he (give)……….. a 6-month sentence for stealing a car. The conditions in the prison are terrible. Rohit (3 shock)………………. by them. His cell (not paint)…………… for years. The walls (cover) ……………….. in graffiti. He (wake up) ……………….. every morning at 6:30. He (allow) …………………………to leave his cell for only two hours a day. If he behaves himself, Rohit (let out) ……………………… of prison after four months. But if he breaks any prison rules, he (keep in) …………………….. for over six months. He (plan) ………………….. to behave himself and come out in four months. He (spend) ………………………his time teaching illiterate convicts in the prison.

problem20: prepare the letter of complaint to a TV company which has delivered a defective TV. In your letter mention:

•What the defect is

•What you want done by the company

problem21: prepare the essay on any one of the following:

i A job you will like to do

ii Impact of technology on work routines

iii A television programme which helped you learn about something

iv Time management is the important ingredient for success

problem22: Mark the stress in the following words:

• Manage Management

• Politics Political

• Organized Organization

• Consult Consultant

• Finance Financial

problem23: prepare short notes on following:

i) Barriers to communication

ii) The importance of body language in presentation

problem24: Answer the following problems:

(i) Create your own web page using HTML tags only. Your web page should include

a. Your Photograph in upper right corner

b. Two tables showing your qualifications so far starting from 10th. This table must give a link to the School/ College/ University website which you have attended.

c. A point wise list about your strengths

d. Insert your career objective in a frame.

e. Provide link to some Universities where you propose to do higher studies.

(ii) Create the Form asking feedback about your webpage. On submission of the form you must output a thank you message for submitting the form. Use JavaScript to check if any mandatory information is unfilled in the Form. Also message must be displayed by the JavaScript.

(iii)prepare a program using VB script that displays multiplication of two matrices of size 2 * 2

(iv) Design a web page that displays the pulled down menu:

• Introduction

• Objectives

• Video Show

• References

Each of this menu option should link to a different page. All the pages should include the present date and time.

problem25: prepare the interactive program in C language to manage Library information system. Maintain library catalogue with the fields like Access number, Author’s name. Title of the book, year of publication, publisher’s name, price. Manage users with different privileges and permissions like Teacher, Student and Staff.

Assembly Language Programming

problem26: (a) prepare the program in assembly language to compute and display product if first number is greater than second number else compute and display subtraction of first number and second number.

(b) Develop and execute the assembly language program to determine the Cube of a given number.

(c) prepare a program in assembly language for finding the second smallest number in an array of 10 elements.

(d) prepare an assembly language program to find out the number of characters/numbers in a string.

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