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problem 1)

a) What is a natural language processing?

b) Describe the term omniscience.

c) Describe the importance of autonomy in an agent.

d) Develop the task environment for a space exploring agent.

problem 2)a) Describe the term dynamic environment.

b) describe the difference between the operation of a simple reflex agent and a goal based agent.

c) For a game of domino, choose and describe whether the environment is

i. Fully observable or partially observable

ii. Deterministic or strategic or stochastic

iii. Static or dynamic

iv. Single agent or multi agent

v. Episodic or sequential

d) With the help of a diagram, describe the model of a utility-based agent.

problem 3)

(a) Describe what do you mean by the following terms in relation to search methods:

i. Completeness

ii. Complexity

(b) State the term ‘Heuristic Function’.

(c) describe Recursive Best First Search.

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