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problem1. Draw a diagram representing at least five of the built-in Active Server Page Objects.

problem2. List two methods and two collections of any object used in the above object model.

problem3. Describe three programming techniques that control and direct the order of execution of statements.

problem4. Briefly describe the concept of Encapsulation in Active Server Pages.

problem5. Give one advantage of Encapsulation.

problem6. Refer to the extract code of a Java Applet as listed below. With the aid of a sketch describe what exactly will doDollars(3) display in the MSDOS window or on the Java Console from Internet Explorer when you run the following applet:

 public void doDollars(int n) {
   if (n>0) 



problem7. The VBScript language includes some built-in functions which are often used in ASP code as follows:

(i) LTrim()

(ii) DateDiff()

(iii) StrReverse()

problem8. List three types of errors in Active Server Pages.

problem9. Define the terms Object, Property and Method.

problem10. prepare an ASP program that allows you to store and retrieve data from a Dictionary Object.

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