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1) What do you mean by an opcode? How many bits are required to specify 32 distinct operations?

2) prepare the logic equations of a binary half adder.

3) prepare down the difference between Horizontal and Vertical Microinstructions.

4) In what methods the width and height of control memory can be reduced?

5) 5 = A A A + ← 3
A B × ← 4

What hazard does above two instructions produce when implemented simultaneously?

6) prepare downthe disadvantages of increasing the number of stages in pipelined processing?

7) What is the use of EEPROM?

8) Mention the hardware required to execute LRU in replacement algorithm.

9) What do you mean by distributed arbitration?

10) How interrupt requests from multiple devices can be handled?

11)(a) With suitable exs describe the Data transfer, Logic and Program Control Instructions?

(b) Describe the Working of a Carry-Look Ahead adder.

12)(a) (i) describe the control unit organization with separate Encoder and Decoder functions in a hardwired control in detail.

13)(a) What are the hazards of conditional branches in pipelines? How it can be resolved?

(b) Describe the super scalar operations with a suitable diagram.

14)(a) What do you mean by a mapping function? prepare down the methods by which the cache can be mapped?

(b) Describe the organization and accessing of data on a Disk.

15)(a) (i) How data transfers can be controlled by using handshaking technique?

(ii) Describe the protocols of USB in detail.

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