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problem 1: Describe the structure and operation of IAS computer in detail.

problem 2: List and in brief state the functional groups of signal lines for PCI.

problem 3: Describe about magnetic disk.

problem 4: Describe IEEE standard for binary floating point arithmetic.

problem 5: Describe about Power PC interrupt processing.

problem 6: What are the main distinguishing features of the microprocessor?

problem 7: Describe about interrupt service routine.

problem 8: In the context of RAID, what is the difference between parallel access and independent access?

problem 9: What are the fundamental elements of floating-point subtraction and addition?

problem 10: List four alternative techniques of rounding the result of a floating-point operation?

problem 11: What general roles are performed by the CPU registers.

problem 12: What are the main functions of condition codes?

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