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Q1. Describe the multiple-module memory interleaving with a neat block diagram.

Q2. Describe the serial and parallel data communication.

Q3. A Virtual memory consists of an address space of 8K words, a memory space of 4K words and page sizes of 1K words.

The given page reference changes take place during a specific time interval.

4 2 0 1 2 6 1 4 0 1 0 2 3 5 7

Find out the four pages which are resident in the main memory after each page reference change if the replacement algorithm employed is:

b) LRU

Q4. Compare the superscalar architecture to the VLIW architecture.

Q5. Describe the delay in pipeline execution. A non-pipeline system takes 50ns to complete a task. The similar task can be processed in a six segment pipeline with a clock cycle of 10ns. Find out speed-up-ratio of the pipeline for 100 tasks. Illustrate the maximum speed-up which can be accomplished?

Q6. Categorize the parallel computers and give its comparison.

Q7. prepare brief notes for the given:

a) Vector computers and array processors
b) RS 232C specifications and applications
c) Micro Sequencer design

Q8. Compare the associative, set-associative and direct mapping procedures.

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