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Q1. Describe the Interrupt acknowledgement cycle. Illustrate different kinds of interrupts.

Q2. Describe one-address, two address and three address instructions. prepare down an illustration for each.

Q3. Describe different methods which are used for the address mapping in virtual memory.

Q4. A virtual memory system consists of a page size of 1K words. There are 8 pages and 4 blocks. The associative memory page table comprises the given entries:

Page     Block
0           3
1           1
4           2
6           0

Make a list for all virtual addresses in decimal which will cause a page fault if used by the CPU.

Q5. Describe page replacement policies which are used for virtual memory system.

Q6. Describe the asynchronous data transfer scheme by using strobe control signal. prepare down its features.

Q7. Draw the circuit diagram of 4×4 (FIFO) buffer and describe it’s working.

Q8. Compare and contrast the Input-Output mapped and memory mapped Input-Output.

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