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Q1. In algorithmic complexity illustrate that the lower order terms and constant don’t matter and are avoided.

Q2. Work out the time complexity of the merge sort in worst case.

Q3. prepare down the algorithm for Push and Pop operations of a stack implemented by using the linked list.

Q4. A Binary search tree includes integers in each node. prepare down a function that examines a BST and returns 1 if target value is found on the BST, or else it returns 0.

Q5. Describe the fundamental principle of dynamic programming by using a simple illustration.

Q6. prepare down an algorithm for addition of two polynomial represented by the linked list.

Q7. Illustrate the outcome of various passes for sorting the given sequence of data by using quick sort algorithm.

8, 11, 3, 15, 6, 9, 12, 39

Select the first element as pivot.

Q8. Construct the AVL tree for the days of week on their lexicographical order. Initial order of the days is as they take place in a week from Sunday to Saturday.

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