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problem1) prepare step-by-step procedure to do the following activities in Windows OS

(1) Finding the list of document files created during last week

(2) Copying a file to another folder

(3) Add/Removing a Program

(4) Finding the IP address of your computer

(5) Sharing of folders and Printers

problem2) Create a MS PowerPoint presentation consisting of about 10 slides involving all the following activities:

(i) It should have a Master Slide.

(ii) Insert the header and footer in all the slides except master

(iii) Set the font properties.

(iv) One table should be one of the slide

(v) One slide should contain a Graph

(vi) Insert an image on one of the slide.

problem3) Create a document using Microsoft-Word. Enter about five pages. The text should contain:

• A table with 5 columns, having proper headings and borders.

• The pages must have margins as what they are in your blocks. The page number must also appear as they do in your printed blocks.

• Reformat the whole document as to appear in 3 columns. However, you may show the table using more than one column.

• Demonstrate at least two arithmetic features and Auto text features of WORD.

Document the process of creation of above document file.

problem4) Create the worksheet using excel maintaining your monthly household expenses under various heads, for a year. Your worksheet must contain:

• Formulas that automatically compute,

• You must find average expenses per month

• Automatically find the month when the minimum amount was spent.

• Create the chart for head wise expenditure per month

problem5) Describe the following term with the help of suitable ex/diagram, if necessary.

(a) CPU

(b) Main Memory

(c ) Input / output device

(d) TCP/IP

(e) Ergonomics

(f) Maintenance of your computer

(g) Computer Virus

(h) Internet

(i) e-mail

(j) Networking

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