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1) Provide the functions and algorithmic details of addition and subtraction.

2) Provide the algorithmic details of the Booth’s multiplication and describe by giving an ex

3) Describe the concept of the constructor and destructor with ex.

4) Describe the concepts of Object oriented Programming.

5) a) describe a brief notes on the virtual function with ex

b) prepare down the program for copying the matter of one file to another.

6) prepare down the program to read roll number and state using File Pointer and save the data’s into another file?

7) Discuss about the classification of instructions of 8085 with necessary exs in detail.

8) a) prepare down the simple assembly language for adding two 8-bit data with carry.

b) describe the functions of:

i) ALE .

ii) INTR and INTA

iii) HOLD and HLDA

9) a) State a brief note on the floppy disc and hard disc.

b) describe a brief notes on the magnetic bubble memory.

10) describe CRT interface with a neat diagram.

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