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problem 1:

a) What is the role of Central Processing Unit in a Computer? Find the details of CPU of present computers. What are the various types of Computers? Give one ex of each type.

b) What is the role of memory in a computer? What are the various types of memories used in a Computer? Describe the uses of each type of memory. Determine size range of these memories.

c) Convert the following numbers as stated

(i) Decimal 372.125 to binary

(ii) Decimal 6400 to hexadecimal

(iii)  Octal 754 to hexadecimal

(iv)  Octal 345 to decimal

d) What is an instruction in the context of a Computer? Describe with the help of an ex. How is an instruction executed by a computer?

e) Differentiate between the following:

(i) Random Access vs. Serial Access

(ii) Parallel port vs. Serial port

f) List the features of the following:

(i) Scanner

(ii) LCD Monitors

(iii) MICR

(iv) Net book

g) List the configuration of a latest Laptop machine. describe each component of the configuration.

problem 2:

a) Describe the concept of client-server architecture. How is it different than File sharing Architecture?  Describe various types of client-server architectures.

b) Describe the features of Object Oriented programming languages. How is object oriented programming different than that of procedural programming?

c) Describe the concept of process, process management and memory management in the context of operating system.

d) What are the uses of Arrays in programming? Describe with the help of ex. Also describe describe functions and subroutines are different to each other.

e) What is the model of development of Open source software? Describe the Open Source licensing policy.

f) Describe the uses and/or facilities given by the following:

(i) Tools for Project Management

(ii) Compilers

(iii) Macros in spreadsheets

(iv) Editor Software

g) Describe the following terms in context of Operating System:

(i) Serial processing

(ii) Command Processor

(iii) Multiprogramming

(iv) UNIX

problem 3:

(a) Describe the use of MODEM, Router, Switch and Gateway in the context of Computer Networks.

(b) You are asked to design the network for the office which is located in the building and have no branch. Which of the networks (LAN, MAN, WAN) would you suggest for an Organization? Justify your selection. Nmae the basic characteristics of proposed network.

(c) Describe the purpose and functions of TCP/IP protocol. Also define IP address, URL and DNS in this context.

(d) List the names of at least four browsers. List the features which should be supported by the browser. Describe how does browser communicate with a web server?

(e) Why is the social networking becoming popular these days? Describe what precautions one should take during participating in social networking? Is blogging a form of social networking? Justify your answer.

(f) Describe the following terms in the context of Internet:


(ii) Collaborations

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