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Answer the following problems in detail.

problem 1) Draw and describe the ATM network. Also name the different factors that were responsible for the network optimization.

problem 2) Describe the role of ATM Adaptation Layer in ATM. Also prepare down the responsibilities of AAL5.

problem 3) Describe congestion management technique in detail.

problem 4) Describe the method used for the performance measurement in ATM.

problem 5) Describe the ATM based protocol internetworking in detail.

problem 6) Draw and describe the structure of ATM? Also prepare down the functions of the following:

a) GFC = Generic Flow Control

b) VPI = Virtual Path Identifier

c) VCI = Virtual Channel identifier

d) PT = Payload Type

e) HEC = Header Error Control

problem 7) prepare brief note on:

a) ATM cables

b) UNI (User-Network Interface) and NNI (Network-Network Interface)

c) Design issues of ATM.

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