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problem 1) Describe the Linux usage basics in brief.

problem 2) prepare a brief note on browsing the file systems.

problem 3) Describe about the need for bash shell.

problem 4) How can you configure bash shell in Linux? Describe.

problem 5) Describe the Linux file system.

problem 6) Compare user and advanced user.

problem 7) Briefly describe kernel and its services.

problem 8) prepare brief note on packet management on Linux system.

problem 9) What is virtualization? Why is it required? Describe.

problem 10) Describe the Linux installation.

problem 11)a) Describe in detail the history of Linux.

b) prepare a short note on groups and permissions.

problem 12) Describe Output redirection, Input redirection and System configuring tools.

problem 13) describe in detail the advanced File System Management in Red Hat Linux.

problem 14) describe in detail the system administration tools and its purpose.

problem 15) Describe in detail the configuration of network in Red Hat Linux.

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