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problem1) Describe following terms:




d) Smart cards

problem2) Describe Meta Description Tag

problem3) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a significant strategy used by professional online brand managers.” describe.

problem4) What do you mean by Search Engines Optimization? Some search engines or directories have been called “reputation aggregators.”  describe what do you mean by this term. prepare down two real-world exs.


Case Study

When searching Google for ‘Christmas lights sets’, the second-ranked link to appear was Aubuchon Hardware, a family-run New England chain of 10 New England hardware stores. Therefore, Aubuchon now sells more light sets in California than in Massachusetts, its home state.’ Search engines are great because we have so many different products’, said William E.Aubuchon IV, who runs the website. Aubuchon uses two strategies to have its name appear for any of the 40,000 products. With the help of iprospect, a firm which helps companies improve visibility in search engines, it has tweaked working on its web pages to make them closer to top of search engine results. It also buys text advertisements, typically called sponsored listings, that appear above and to the side of the actual search results. Now over 50 percent of Aubuchon’s online business comes from search engines.

“We are not just distribution site , like Home Depot [the U.S. leading hardware company], but search engines help people find us when they are looking for specific product like Christmas lights sets’, said Mr. Aubuchon. ‘Instead of us chasing customers around, on search engines the customers chase us around.’ According to Aubuchon , search engine marketing double its online sales this year.

Case problems:

problem5)a) Describe the concept of Meta Description Tag. How they are used in search engines.

b) Describe different strategies used by Aubuchon to get visibility through search engine.

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