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problem 1) Answer briefly:

(a) What do you mean by a term computer

(b) Why Computer is called a “System”?

(c) How PNS is different from NPNS?

(d) What is a Register?

(e) What is the requirement of secondary storage?

(f) What is Vision type input?

(g) What is meant by term “level” in High level language or Low level language?

(h) What is Internet?

(i) Give different methods to minimize a Window.

(j) In MS-Excel, distinguish between a Formula and a Function.

problem 2) prepare a detailed note on History of computers.

problem 3) Convert:

I) (1011001)2= (?)10

II) (ABCD)16= (?)10

III) (567)8= (?)2

IV) (101.101)2= (?)10

V) (12233)10= (?)8

problem 4)a) On what characteristics, can you evaluate a memory ?

b) Describe the storage devices hierarchy.

problem 5) Describe functioning of Keyboard and Monitor.

problem 6) How will you:

a) perform Autocorrect and Autotext in MS-WORD.

b) Insert header and footer in MS-Excel.

problem 7) Describe in detail different services provided by Internet.

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