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problem 1)a) Describe any eight activities related to software metrics that involve some degree of software measurement.

b) describe following terms:

i) Emperical relations.

ii) Predictions.

c) Describe the process of selecting an experimental design.

problem 2)a) Define the term 'data'. How to collect, store and extract the data, describe with suitable ex.

b) With ex discuss

i) Ratio and interval scales of measurement.

ii) Correlation of data statistical approach.

problem 3)a) Describe Halstead's major Equations for following:

i) Total Vocabulary

ii) Length

iii) Volume

iv) Level

v) Difficulty

vi) Efforts

Compute estimated program length and efforts required by taking appropriate ex?

b) Describe following terms:

i) Modularity

ii) Morphology

iii) Information flow.

problem 4)a) Describe various types of structural measures.

b) What is cyclomatic complexity? How to compute it?

c) What is software size and what is functionality?

problem 5)a) Describe with appropriate ex developer / tester support for defect repository.

b) Enumerate all components of a Test Plan. Describe test scheduling and test environment planning in details.

problem 6) What is defect? Give defect classification and definition. List and describe different metrics used for defect prevention. What is additional value of plotting weighted defects?

problem 7)a) Describe equivalence partitioning and boundry value analysis with appropriate ex.

b) Describe positive and negative testing concepts.

problem 8)a) State and describe test adequacy criterias for white box testing methodology.

b) prepare a brief note on domain testing. Give some sample test cases for same.

problem 9)a) prepare a brief note on:

i) Test execution and reporting.

ii) GUI Testing.

b) Describe Ad-voc testing with suitable ex.

problem 10)a) What is specification based testing? Describe in detail.

b) prepare a brief note on:

i) Scenario Testing.

ii) Regression Testing.

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