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problem 1) Describe the concept of periodic and aperiodic tasks with the help of appropriate exs?

problem 2) How the performance of a real time system can be estimated?

problem 3) Describe the various properties that evaluating parameter should have.

problem 4) Describe the architecture of a real time system. How can you categorize the tasks for the real time systems?

problem 5) Describe which kind of real-time kernel would be most suitable for the following systems and why: An air traffic control system a batch update system a video arcade system.

problem 6) Describe fault tolerant scheduling. What are its various advantages over other scheduling algorithms?

problem 7) Describe in detail token based protocol systems?

problem 8) prepare down the advantage of executing concurrent transactions.

problem 9) Describe in detail the various concurrency control approaches used for real time system.

problem 10) Describe various protocols used for real time communication.

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