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problem 1) What are various Human Factors that are to be considered while designing the user interface? Describe with the help of suitable exs.

problem 2) describe vital differences between STM (Short-Term Memory) and LTM (Long-Term Memory).

problem 3) What are different Human Factors that are to be considered while designing the user interface? What significant issues need to be considered while designing an interface for users with disabilities?

problem 4) Describe EIGHT golden rules of interface design. Give appropriate exs to justify your answer.

problem 5) Describe how GOMS and the keystroke-level model support the interaction design process.

problem 6) State and describe THREE pillars of interface design process.

problem 7) What is participatory design? describe with suitable exs.

problem 8) Consider two different, ATM machines. One giving away the cash and then ejecting the bank card and the other one ejecting the bank card first and then dispensing the cash. Which is a better interface from interaction design point of view? Justify.

problem 9) Describe the guidelines for data display and data entry. describe with suitable exs.

problem 10) What is direct manipulation technique? Can we use this principle in architectural design?

problem 11) Describe any four metaphors used in this interaction style.

problem 12) Discuss important design issues involved in designing a web page.

problem 13) Describe the significance of hypertext over linear paper document. List important considerations for creating a good hypertext document.

problem 14) How must an error condition be handled in interface design?

problem 15) What is Information Visualization? Describe visual information seeking rule.

problem 16) What are the essential features of online manual? What are the negative side effects of online documentation?

problem 17) List and describe the steps of Usability Testing. What are some of the limitations of such testing?

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