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problem 1: Describe BSR mode of operation in 8255. It is essential to initialize interrupt for mode 2 operation of port-A and mode 1 operation of port-B with the 8255 address map of 0100H to 0103H. prepare the instruction series for the initialization of 8255 in the above modes? Show the hardware design to interface 8255 in the above address map?

problem 2: 8255 is interfaced with 8086 processor with the address map of 8000H to 8003H. Provide the hardware design? Port A is configured in mode 2 with active interrupt. Give the instruction sequence for initialization? Give the timing diagram of the handshake signals for the bi-directional data transfer?

problem 3: Describe how to interface 8x8 key board to 8255? Draw the flow-chart of key identification and decoding procedure?

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