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1) Describe in detail about basic Macro Processor functions.

2) Describe the Algorithm and Data structures Macro processor in detail.

3) Describe about Machine-independent macro processor features in detail.

i) Concatenation of Macro parameters

ii) Generation of unique labels

iii) Conditional macro expansion

4) Describe about Macro within macro in detail.

5) Describe about implementation ex of MASM Macro processor

6) describe in detail about implementation ex of ANSI C Macro language

7) Define Interactive editor and interactive debugging systems.

8) What are the tasks performed in the editing process?

9) What are the three categories of Editor devices?

10) Define Locator device?

11) Name some of text editors. What are the methods in Interaction language of a text editor?

12) What for debug monitors used?

13) What are the phases in performing editing process?

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