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Q1. Define the term language processor. describe different types of language processors.

Q2. Give some insight to the tasks to be performed by the linkage editor.

Q3. Illustrate the meaning of the program overlays? State the merits of overlay structure.

Q4. describe how two-pass assembler is designed? Compare and contrast it with one-pass assembler.

Q5. Describe macros and macro processors. Illustrate the assembly statements which will substitute the macro call as an outcome of the macro expansion?

Q6. Describe Expansion Time Variables with appropriate illustration.

Q7. prepare down a macro which swaps two variables.

Q8. Describe the two explicit looping constructs REPT and IRP statements with illustration.

Q9. Describe Operator Precedence Parsing with illustration.

Q10. What do you mean by dynamic linking? Describe in brief a linkage editor for the IBM PC.

Q11. How storage allocation and access is completed in a Block Structured Programming language?

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