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problem 1: Define the term IT. describe different IT trends and their advantages to the organizations.

problem 2: Bring out different primary and secondary storage memories.

problem 3: Describe different levels of programming languages.

problem 4: Define in brief a network. Describe different network communications software and hardware.

problem 5: Define the term intranet. What are the uses of it to business?

problem 6: Describe the components of MIS.

problem 7: Differentiate between desktop PC and portable PC.

problem 8: Define the term enterprise application software. describe common types of it.

problem 9: Differentiate between www and internet.

problem 10: What do you mean by Usenet? List out main categories of it?

problem 11: Define an OS. Describe in brief any two OSs.

problem 12: What is a browser? Describe Netscape communicator and MS-internet explorer.

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