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problem 1: Define the term File. Describe the various types of operations which can be performing on files with the help of appropriate illustrations.

problem 2: Describe the architecture of file organization.

problem 3: What are the various types of files? Describe insertion, modification and deletion operation in context with such files types.

problem 4: What do you mean by the terms field, record and table? Describe with the help of appropriate exs.

problem 5: State the term Data Capturing? Describe different data capturing methods.

problem 6: Describe what is meant by the term back-up? Why it is significant to keep the backup copy away from the computer system?

problem 7: If the contents of a file are changed, a transaction log is frequently kept. Describe in brief the reason for the transaction log.

problem 8: Describe how the transaction file and the master file are utilized to produce a new updated master file?

problem 9: Validation and Verification help to decrease the errors when inputting data. Validate the statement.

problem 10: Describe the difference between validation and verification. Give the names of the three validations checks which can be used.

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