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problem 1: Define the term data structure. Describe various kinds of data structures with illustrations.

problem 2: What are linear arrays? Illustrate in detail their representation in memory.

problem 3: Define the term stack and state various ways of representing them in computer.

problem 4: What do you mean by binary tree? Describe the pre-order and in-order traversals of it.

problem 5: An array A contains the given elements: 77, 33, 44, 11, 88, 22, 66, 55

Arrange all these elements in sorted order by using selection sort and describe its complexity.

problem 6: Describe various operations on data structures.

problem 7: How do you analyze the complexity of the algorithms?

problem 8: prepare a C program to check whether the given string is a palindrome or not.

problem 9: prepare the process for bubble sort and describe its complexity.

problem 10: Describe the process for searching a specific item in a linked list when the list is not sorted.

problem 11: Define the term priority queues. Describe.

problem 12: prepare the procedure for inserting an element into the heap. 

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