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Define the job scheduling strategy which will meet business requirement of reporting availability by 6am CST for the following cubes? Show job scheduling dependencies in the pictorial form so that it is easy to understand.

a) Finance cube (3 hours to build)
b) Warranty cube (4 hours to build)
c) Order cube (2 hours to build)
d) Customer master data (30 min run time)
e) Vendor master data (60 min run time)
f) Product master data (60 min run time)
g) Other Master data (2 hour run time)

Finance and Order cubes cannot run together.


Above cubes are used by the NA and EU users, the NA users will only use NA data and EU users will use only EU data but Master data is common for both the NA and EU. Requirement of availability stays same for NA (6AM CST) and for EU reports/cubes must be available by 6am CET.

What changes you require to make to job scheduling proposal of problem 1 to meet requirement of problem 2?

CST – NA Central Standard Time
CET  - EU Central European Time.

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