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problem 1) Give the two orthogonal views of software.

b) With the help of suitable diagram describe the analysis phase of unified approach.

c) Compare Rumbaugh, Booch and Jacobson methodologies.

problem 2)a) Describe encapsulation and information hiding with an ex.

b) What do you understand by common class pattern approach?

problem 3) Draw a use case diagram for a library management system (Show relationship between use cases)

problem 4) List out and describe the four types of prototypes with their application.

b) What do you understand by component based development and rapid application development?

problem 5)a) Develop the simple business process model using the activity diagram based on the following narrative. The purchasing department handles purchase requests from other departments in the company. People in the company who initiate the original purchase request are the "customers" of the purchasing department. A case worker within the purchasing department receives that request and monitors it until it is ordered and received. Case workers process the requests for purchasing products under $1,500, prepare a purchase order, and then send it to the approved vendor. Purchase requests over $1,500 must first be sent out for a bid from the vendor that supplies the product. When the bids return, the case worker chooses one bid. Then, case worker prepares a purchase order and sends it to the approved vendor.

b) Distinguish between collaboration/communication diagram and sequence diagram with diagrams.

problem 6) A token-ring based local-area-network (LAN) is a network consisting of nodes, in which network packets are sent around. Every node has a unique name within the network, and refers to its next node. Various kinds of nodes exist: workstations are originators of messages; servers and printers are network nodes that can receive messages. Packets contain an originator, a destination and content, and are sent around on a network. A LAN is a circular configuration of nodes.

(i) Identify classes for the above scenario using noun phrase approach. Group the appropriate, irrelevant and fuzzy classes separately.

(ii) Identify the relationships and responsibilities of the classes using CRC.

b) List the different corollaries that are used in OOD phase and describe corollary 1: Uncoupled design with less information content.

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