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Q1. Describe the multi-path signal propagation and effecting factors.

Q2. Suppose that a receiver is situated 10KM from a 50 W transmitter. The carrier frequency is 6 GHz and free space propagation is supposed Gt = 1 and Gr = 1.

a) Determine the power at the receiver.
b) Find out the magnitude of the E-Field at receiver antenna.

Q3. Describe the given with reference to the Medium Access Control:

a) Hidden and exposed terminals
b) Near and far terminals

Q4. Describe Mobile TCP. Give its merits and demerits.

Q5. Describe the broadcast models in wireless information networks.

Q6. Describe how transactions in mobile computing atmosphere distinct from the centralized or distributed data bases.

Q7. Compare and contrast the characteristic features of the wearable and pervasive computing.

Q8. Illustrate attacks which are vulnerable in a non-secure mobile environment.

Q9. prepare brief note on any two of the given:

a) Mobile Agents Security
b) Power management in mobile computing
c) Location aware services

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