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problem 1) Clone computers are computers whereby:

A. They are publicly distinguishable from other computers
B. The parts assembled are from different manufacturer
C. The parts assembled are from same manufacturer
D. None of the above

problem 2) ICT stands for:

1. Information and Community Technology
2. Informative and Communicative Technology
3. Information and Communication Technology
4. Information and Computer Technology

problem 3) Micro-computers are most commonly called as:

A. Personal Computers
B. Servers
C. Special Computers
D. Mini Computers

problem 4) The system unit houses motherboard, CPU, Primary Storage, secondary storage, and ________.

A. I/O Devices
B. Plug-in
C. Cards
D. Ports

problem 5) ______ is the necessary component of a computer as it is the part which executes instruction and controls the operation of all hardware.

A. Motherboard
C. System Unit
D. Chip

problem 6) There are two kinds of storage devices namely:

A. Magnetic and Electronic storage device
B. Electronic and Optical storage device
C. Magnetic and Optical storage device
D. Remote and Magnetic storage device

problem 7) A hard disk is considered as which category of storage device?

A. Dismountable
B. Fixed
C. Modular
D. None of the above

problem 8) The capacity of a floppy disk is:

A. 720MB
B. 1.44GB
C. 1.44MB
D. 80GB

problem 9) Which of the following is not the operating system:

A. Windows Vista
B. Linux
C. Macintosh OS
D. MS Office 2007

problem 10) Some common types of data files are: _____, Spreadsheets, Database Files, and Presentation files.

A. Documents
B. Word Documents
C. Output files
D. Input Files

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