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Q1. A saddle point in a 2-dimensional array is the value that is minimum in the row and maximum in the column. Derive an algorithm to find out the saddle point of a matrix. Illustrate the order of algorithm?

Q2. prepare down an algorithm to delete a node in the starting (head node) and to search for a node in the linked list whose value is equivalent to ‘x’. If the node with value ‘x’ is found it must return the position or else it must return 0.

Q3. Beginning from an empty doubly-linked list, the given operations are performed, in order: addFirst(A), addFirst(B), addLast(C), addLast(D), insertBefore (2,E), insertAfter(3,F), remove(2), where indices begin at 0 and A, B and so on are instances of the Node interface. Draw the list which outcomes after those operations. Draw just the final result.

Q4. Show the different passes of bubble sort on an unsorted list 11, 15, 2, 13, 6

Q5. The array of 6 elements: 15, 19, 10, 7, 17, 16 create a heap tree by using array representation. Describe the complexity of the heap sort algorithm.

Q6. Create Huffman tree for the data in the table given below and as well give the code word for all the given characters.

1026_huffman tree.jpg

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