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problem 1) Which of the following doesn’t form part of the elements which compose a table:

A. Table
B. Table Column
C. Table Row
D. Table Data

problem 2) A _______ permits data to be held together with its relationship to other information:

A. System
B. Database
C. Computer
D. Software

problem 3) EDI stands for:

A. Electronic data information
B. Electric data interchange
C. Electronic data interchange
D. Electric data Information

problem 4) ______ is a program which simulates human reasoning:

A. Expert System
B. Information System
C. Special System
D. Professional System

problem 5) Which of the following is desktop publishing software used to create publication documents:

A. Microsoft Word
B. Microsoft Access
C. Microsoft PowerPoint
D. Microsoft Publisher

problem 6) Which of the following kind of scanner is the most common one:

A. Handheld Scanner
B. Drum Scanner
C. Flatbed Scanner
D. Photo Scanner

problem 7) A frustrated employee who cracks his manager’s password so as to access confidential information, can be categorised as which type of threat:

A. Inside Threat
B. Internal Threat
C. Outside Threat
D. External Threat

problem 8) The _____ can be used to protect computer power supply:

A. Uninterrupted Power Supply
B. Uninterrupted Power Service
C. Unattended Power Supply
D. Unattended Power Service

problem 9) _______ are threats which are caused non-intentionally by users of computer system:

A. Malicious Threats
B. Deliberate Threats
C. Non-Malicious Threats
D. Accidental Threats

problem 10) A computer virus which hides within code of another program and wreak havoc to any form of data is called as:

A. Boot Sector Virus
B. File Infector
C. Macro Virus
D. Register Virus

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