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problem1)a) What are the objectives of a business enterprise? Briefly describe.

b) describe the systems approach to operational management and its significance to organizational management.

c) describe the importance of limiting factor in decision-making.

problem2)a) How do Objectives exist in hierarchy and they also form network? describe with suitable ex.

b) “The only planning tool we need in this company is the budget. If everyone meets his/her budget, we need nothing else and MBO would be an unnecessary frill.” Comment.

c) describe the factors that influence effective span. State the reasons for managers to adopt a narrow span.

problem 3)a) What is the need for Training and Development? describe how training is imparted using external approach.

b) describe the systems approach to Human Resource Management adopted in an enterprise.

c) describe basic steps followed in conducting a performance appraisal.

problem 4)a) How are staff functions different from the Line Manager’s functions? describe the possible challenges that are to be overcome by staff and line managers in performing their duties in the organization, without conflict of interest between them.

b) describe the “process of communication”. What are the different barriers to effective communication?

c) describe the possible styles of leadership amongst managers based on their concerns towards production and people.

problem 5)a) In the context of you heading the division in a top enterprise, would you propose to promote informal & grapevine communication? Justify your comment.

b) What is a Master Budget? describe the different components of the Master Budget.

c) What is a Management Inventory Chart? describe the merits and demerits of using it.

problem 6)a) List the different principles of organizing. describe the Matrix type of organization structure.

b) describe the control technique using the “Return on Investment”, experimented first by DuPont.

c) How do you apply human factors in managing? describe with suitable exs.

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