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Marketing is an organizational function. It is a set of processes for communicating, creating and delivering value to the customers and for managing the customer relationships in ways that promote the organization and its stakeholders.
The activities of a company associated with selling and buying a product. It includes selling, advertising and delivering products to people. The People who work in the marketing departments of the companies try to get attention of objective audiences by using packaging design, slogans, general media exposure and celebrity endorsements.
Marketing Management (MM) is a business discipline which focuses on the practical application of the marketing techniques and the management of a firm's marketing activities and resources. Globalization has led firms to the market outside the borders of their home countries, for making international marketing highly important and a primary part of a firm is marketing strategy.
Different types of businesses may use marketing as a tool for their different purposes. We can outline the objectives as follows-

  • To increase the sales revenue
  • To improve and maintain the image of the business
  • To increase the market share
  • To target a new market in the business world.
  • To target a new market segment in business world.

The Marketing Management concept plays an essential role in any business or a company. Every company has their own philosophy and ideas regarding their business. For example- Manufacturing base companies needs to understand regarding the product which they are going to manufacture for the consumers, its price, quality etc. to influence its consumers. The Concept of Marketing Management covers the following concepts:

  • Production Concept
  • Product Concept
  • Selling Concept
  • Marketing Concept
  • Societal Marketing Concept


Lack of capital is often the mainly significant challenge that the successful manager faces as it is very success creates this and it hastily becomes a vicious circle.

Lack of managing skills

Lack of management skills is a problem in marketing management that is very hard to deal with in most medium and small enterprises as size of the senior management team is essentially restricted. These areas of weakness could be in human resources, finance, marketing or any other area where the current management does not have their expertise, or the time to covenant with the issues.
Lack of focal point
The Lake Ignoring the risks in their appraisal of opportunities and alternatives
Lack of the plan
Letdown to plan for issues enthralling the majority of the time.
Marketing continuously changes, especially with the increased use of technology for the research and the customer interaction. For some people, steady change requires continuing education and adaptation, which could be difficult for people who favor niche routines. Marketing professionals also find aggravation in several organizations with leaders who don't outlook marketing as an investment. As an substitute, those organizations may look to trim the expenditures on marketing except marketers can confirm the high likelihood of revenue and profit returns in the short term.
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