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Meaning and Definition:

Human Resource Management is the method of selection of employee, recruitment, induction, providing proper orientation and providing proper training and the developing skills, measurement of employee, benefits and providing proper compensation, maintaining proper relations, motivating with labour and with job unions, maintaining workers security, health and welfare by complying with labour laws of anxiety country and the process of developing employees and hiring so that they become more valuable for the organization. HRM (Human Recourse Management) includes conducting planning personnel needs, job analyses, orienting and training, recruiting the right people for the job, managing salaries and wages, providing incentives and benefits, resolving disputes, evaluating performance and communicating with all employees at all levels.

Why name human resource management?

Human: means to the experienced workforce in the organisation.

Resource: refer to limited scarce or availability.

Management: refer to proper utilisation or maximise and make best use of restricted and a scarce resource.The core principle of the human resource management is to build efficient use of existing human resource in the administration

Explain the main Features of HRM

Following is the nature or features of Human Resource Management HRM:-

1.Continuous Process: HRM is a continuous process. It has to continuously adjust and change according to the changes in the expectations of the staff, the changes in the atmosphere etc.

2.Focus on Objectives: HRM gives an importance to accomplishment of the objectives. The four main objectives of HRM are:-

  • Individual objectives of the staff
  • Group or Departmental objectives.
  • Organisational objectives
  • Societal objectives

3.Universal Application: HRM has common relevance. It can be used for trade as well as for other organisations such as colleges, schools, hospitals and religious organizations.
4.Integrated use of Subsystems: HRM involves the use of the integrated sub-systems such as Training, Organizational Development, Career Development, Potential Appraisal etc. These sub-systems raise the efficiency of the team and convey achievement to the organisation.
Scope of Human Resource Management HRM
1.Human Resource Planning (HRP): HRP estimates the manpower supply and manpower demand of the organisation. If there is manpower surplus then it provides lay-off, voluntary retirement, etc. to some workers. If manpower shortage then it hires employees from exterior, gives promotion to workers, etc.
2.Acquisition Function: This task includes Human Resource Planning (HRP), Placement, Recruitment, and Induction of employees Selection. HRM uses the systematic selection method for selecting the exact man for the exact post.
3.Placement Function: HRM performs the placement function. Placement is performed after the selection of employees. It means to set the exact man in the exact place of work. Appropriate placement offers job approval to the workers, and it increases their effectiveness.
4.Performance Appraisal: HRM conducts a presentation appraisal. Performance appraisal is a well-organized evaluation of the employees' presentation at work. It can informs the employees about their strengths and the weakness.
5.Training and Development: HRM provides development and training to the employees. Training means to enlarge the skills and knowledge of the employee for doing a exacting work. Training is given to workers while growth is given to managers.

Nature of Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management (HRM) involves the management functions like organizing, planning, controlling and directing.

It involves development, procurement, maintenance of human resource

It helps to accomplish individual, social and organizational objectives

HRM is a multidisciplinary subject. It includes psychology, the study of management, economics, communication and sociology.

It involves team work and team spirit.

HRM is not a single process, it is a continuous process.

Conclusion: - Without human resources, Organization cannot achieve their goals. Amongst all the resources in institute, HRM is the most important. It consists of different policies and process which make the human resource motivated and satisfied to their works. It is HRM that brings great achievement to the organization.

Since its prehistoric beginnings, HRM has been successful to catch the attention of the managers. Interest in HRM is constantly growing due to the different reasons. In conclusion, causes of the rising interest in HRM can be listed as:-

*Managing the human resources is one of the most elements in the management and co-ordination of the job.
*HRM is changed from the traditional practice of employee's management.
*HRM represents a wider commencement of the employment bond to incorporate on enabling and developmental position for individual worker.
*HRM can be viewed as the part of planned managerial function in the development of trade strategy.


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