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MIS is the study of people, organizations, technology and relationships among them. MIS professionals assist firms grasp maximum profits from investment in personnel, business and equipment, processes. Management Information System is a people-oriented field with an emphasis on service through technology. MIS refers to a computer-based method that provides managers with tools to evaluate organize and proficiently manage departments within the organization. In order to provide present, past and forecast information, a MIS system can include software that helps in decision making and data resources such as databases, hardware resources of a system, people management, decision support systems and project management applications, and any mechanical processes that permit the department to run efficiently.

The MIS is an idea which is associated with machine, man, marketing and methods for collecting information’s from internal and the external source and processing this information for the reason of facilitating process of decision-making of the business.
MIS is not new only it’s the computerization is new, before the use of computers MIS techniques existed to provide managers with the information that would authorize them to plan and control business operations. The computer has added many dimensions such as accuracy, speed and increased volume of data that allow the consideration of more alternatives in decision-making process.
MANAGEMENT: Management has been define in process that describe what managers act in the operation for their organization plan, initiate, organize and control operations. They plan by setting goals and strategies and selecting best path of action to accomplish the goals.
INFORMATION: Data are the facts and figures that are not currently being used in a decision-making process and usually they are taken from the chronological records that are recorded and filled without instant intent to retrieve for decision-making. Information is the life blood for the organization, mainly in the case of  the system approach management.

SYSTEM: A system can be described as a set of elements that are joined together for a common objective. A subsystem is the part of a main (larger) system with which one is concerned.
The actual Management Information System processes are relates with:

A        Distribution
B.       Organization
C.       Collection
D.       Managerial control and the analysis of data
E.       Storage of wide information       
Thus Management Information System focuses on the:
         i.            Managerial control and analysis
         ii.           Decision-making processes
         iii.          Organization-wide information


MIS is the sets of inter-related procedures using information system infrastructure in a Business enterprise to produce and disseminate desired information. Such type of systems is designed to maintain decision-making by the people connected with the enterprise in the process of accomplishment of its objectives. The Management Information System gets data and other resources of IT (Information Technology) infrastructure like inputs from the environment and processes them to convince the information needs of the different entities associated with business enterprise. The MIS are the subsystem of the business system and by themselves hands out the function of feedback and control in the business system.

1.    The MIS satisfies the assorted needs through diversity of systems such as analysis system, query system, modelling system and the decision support system.
2.    The MIS also helps in management control, strategic planning, and transaction processing and operational control. The Management Information System helps in clerical personal in the transaction processing and it give answers the queries on data pertaining to the transaction, reference on a variety of documents and the status of a particular record.
3.    The MIS also helps the middle management in target setting, short term planning, and controlling the business functions and, it is supported by the use of the management tools of control and planning.
4.    It helps the top level management in strategic planning, goal setting and evolving the various business plans and their implementation.


MIS not only include software systems, but the entire set of the business processes and resources, that are used to pull collectively information from the functional systems. Data is then presented in a timely and user-friendly manner. So that mid and upper-level managers can use it to take the right decisions. Thus the entire system is designed so that the company will meet its tactical and strategic goals.

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