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problem 1:

(a) A few points contained in E. Deming’s universal 14 points are related to the management of people in an organization. You are required to identify the points and discuss as to how they contribute to an effective work force.

(b) You are required to elaborate on the 5 steps involved in a benchmarking exercise.

problem 2:

(a) “Productivity and quality are the two faces of the same coin.” Discuss.

(b) What do you understand by the PDCA cycle?

problem 3:

(a) There are various types of team in a TQM organization. You are required to identify those teams and discuss the characteristics of each type of team.

(b) E Deming was against the use of performance appraisal. Discuss the arguments put forward by him to support his proposition.

problem 4:

(a) Using the information below, prepare a report to management on the basis of your analysis and findings


  • Rework and repair                                                 75,000
  • Scrap                                                                 66,000
  • Downgrading                                                        32,000
  • Re-inspection                                                       25,000
  • Warranty cost                                                      80,000
  • Laboratory testing                                                 12,000
  • Quality system audit                                              10,000
  • Inspection and test material                                    15,000
  • Calibration and maintenance of test equipment             6,000
  • Quality training                                                       3,000
  • Product recall                                                       80,000
  • Quality engineering                                                12,000
  • Re testing                                                             4,000

(b)  Use a cause and effect diagram to depict the causes of accidents in Mauritius.

problem 5:

(a) prepare short notes on the dimensions you would use to assess and evaluate a product.

(b) prepare short notes on the dimensions you would use to assess and evaluate a service.

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