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problem 1:

a) List the criteria which must be considered when setting out the ‘Arrangements’ section in a Company Health and Safety Policy.
b) Outline the five benefits of an efficient Health and Safety Policy.

problem 2: Outline the details to be comprised in a properly thought out approach to safety inspections according to The HSE in HSG65.

problem 3:

a) Identify the key elements identified by The Health and Safety Executives HSG65 which need to be incorporated into an effective Health and Safety Management System.

b) Outline the needs of each element identified in (a).

problem 4:

a) When considering the needs for accident recording and reporting, use workplace illustrations to outline the meanings of the given terms:

  • Dangerous occurrence
  • Near miss

b) Describe the main purpose and benefits of collecting near-miss incident data.

c) Outline the most important findings of the Accident Prevention Advisory Unit’s study into the relationship between serious and minor accidents and sketch a diagram which shows the ratio that was established.

problem 5: When monitoring the efficiency of the company Health and Safety Policy, describe the benefits of Active and Reactive Monitoring.

problem 6: When analyzing the causes of accidents and incidents in accordance with The Health and Safety Executives HSG65, list:

a) The sequence of potential immediate causes.
b) The sequence of potential underlying causes.

problem 7:

a) Outline two reactive measures which can be used in monitoring an organization’s health and safety performance.
b) Outline two active measures which can be used in monitoring an organization’s health and safety performance.

problem 8: Describe the key points to be considered when setting up an Induction Training Program.

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