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problem 1: Change is highly significant to the success of an organization however many people have the tendency overtly or covertly to resist it’. Describe this statement.

problem 2: Describe the change and its effects on the employees and organization.

problem 3: prepare a note on the Transactional and Transformational Change.

problem 4: Describe Force field model of the change management.

problem 5: Describe how the change can be facilitated in an organization.

problem 6: Describe how cultural change can be brought in an organization. Describe with illustrations.

problem 7: Describe the OD Process.

problem 8: ‘A healthy organization culture rests on eight values of OCTAPACE’. Describe.

problem 9: Organizational Development is all about change. Describe how OD practices help in bringing about the change in Organization.

problem 10: Describe the suppositions and values of organizational development.

problem 11: Describe the operational goals of OD with appropriate exs.

problem 12: Describe the role of consultant and client in Organization development.

problem 13: What do you mean by the term Action Research? Describe action research process. How it Supplements OD?

problem 14: What are Parallel Learning Structures?

problem 15: What do you mean by the term Sensitivity Training? State some advantages of Sensitivity training and as well mention its limitations.

problem 16: Describe the relevance of Quality of Work-Life and recent trends influencing the quality of Work-Life of Employees

problem 17: Describe Systems Theory.

problem 18: Describe any one OD Model.

problem 19: Describe the term Survey Feedback? As well describe the significance of survey feedback in OD.

problem 20: Describe the operational goals of OD with appropriate exs.

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