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problem 1:

The International Human Resource Management literature employs four terms to describe multinational enterprises’ approaches to staffing and managing their subsidiaries.

(a) Briefly outline the major rationale behind each approach to staffing for international business.

(b) What are the main merits and disadvantages of each approach?

problem 2:

(a) The International Human Resource Management literature has consistently identified three (3) key reasons for transferring staff through the employ of various forms of international assignments.

Elaborate on the three (3) key reasons why multinationals persist in transferring staff for international assignments.

(b)  In a cross-national context, multinational enterprises have more human resource options for different posts. However, each choice has dissimilar benefits and costs.

What are the main merits and disadvantages of using Parent Country Nationals (PCNs) and Third Country Nationals (TCNs)?

problem 3:

(a) Developing appropriate selection criteria has become critical IHRM issue.  Factors involved in expatriate selection can be both in terms of the individual and the specifics of situation concerned.
Briefly elaborate on the three most important situational factors involved in selection decision.

(b) The various roles of the expatriate assist to describe why expatriates are utilized and illustrate why international assignments continue to be an important aspect of international business from the organization’s perspective.

Elaborate on three (3) main roles of expatriate.

problem 4:

(a) Researchers in international management have identified number of factors which can influence HRM in global markets.

describe how-

(i) Education-human capital; and

(ii) Political-legal system; can influence HRM in international markets.

(b) Human resource management is more challenging for a multinational business than a strictly domestic business.
Discuss and describe three main factors which contribute to complexity of International HRM.

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