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Multiple choice problems:

problem 1: When making a decision regarding new IT capabilities:

a) They must be standardized so that the operations can be managed proficiently.
b) They must be flexible so that the firm can react to local needs better and more quickly.
c) IS professionals must make the decision after weighting the trade-off between standardization and flexibility
d) General and functional managers must make the decision after weighting the trade-off between standardization and flexibility.
e) The end user of the technology must make the decision after weighting the trade-off between standardization and flexibility.

problem 2: Which of the given is (are) not the purpose(s) of strategic information system planning process?

a) Gathering information regarding the availability of current IS resources.
b) Gathering information regarding the performance of current IS resources.
c) Choosing IS projects to fund as part of the yearly budgeting process.
d) Giving a roadmap for decision-making regarding information systems.
e) All the above are the purposes of strategic information system planning process.

problem 3: Which of the given is not an advantage provided by the information system planning process?

a) The planning process enables and supports the intra-organizational communication.
b) The information systems plan is an informal contract which specifies the objective of information systems deployment and the responsibilities of the parties involved.
c) The planning process gives the firm an overall direction and purpose when choosing IS projects.
d) The planning process is a cost-effective manner to choose IS projects to fund as part of the yearly budgeting process
e) All the above are the benefits given by the information system planning process.

problem 4: Why do we require to make an Information System Vision throughout the strategic IS planning process?

a) It tells us the opportunity for new strategic directions and initiatives which new technologies make possible.
b) It helps us understand the performance of our present IS resources.
c) It defines the role which information systems must play in the organization.
d) It gives a set of guidelines which the firm must follow when using and managing IS resources.
e) All the above.

problem 5: The given statement: ‘We will store data centrally for all mission critical applications’ is an illustration of:

a) Information Systems Vision.
b) Information Systems Guideline.
c) Information Systems Assessment.
d) Information Systems SWOT analysis.
e) Strategic planning.

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