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problem 1) Answer all the problems:

i) describe decision support system?

ii) How information systems work in organization.

iii) What is Exclusive information system?

iv) What is knowledge base system?

v) describe group discussion support system.

problem 2) What is information system? Describe need and types of information systems.

problem 3) What is management information system (MIS). describe the relation between MIS and operation information systems.

problem 4) Describe simon’s model of decision making.

problem 5) Answer all the problems:

i) prepare down the difference between programmed vs non-programmed decisions.

ii) What are the limitations of MIS?

iii) What is the level of MIS?

iv) describe database Administration.

v) describe the structure of MIS.

problem 6)  Describe Implementation, Evaluation and Maintenance of MIS.

problem 7) What is planning? describe the steps in strategic planning.

problem 8) What infrastructure required for information technology. describe Hardware, Software and system software required for MIS.

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