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The research report must address an information systems project management topic.

1. Cover Page – include the topic, your name, date submitted, INFS

2. Introduction

a. Include a 1 to 2 page, double spaced introduction.

b. Include sources where needed.

3. Summaries of Articles

a. Include 6 articles from only Information Systems (IS) journals.

b. Do not use websites or trade publications for this part.

c. Summarize each article in 1 double spaced page.

d. Do not use the abstract that accompanies the article as the summary.

e. Include the complete article source information (title, author, journal name, etc.) on the summary page using APA style.

4. Case Studies

a. Include 2 published case studies (description of an actual company’s experience) related to the topic.

b. Use 1 double spaced page to summarize each case study.

c. Include the complete article source information (title, author, journal name, etc.) on the summary page using APA style.

5. Presentation Thoughts – After completing the additional research for this report, what other information would you have included in your presentation for the class? (1 page)

The topic, articles and case studies should be reasonably current (2000-2012). It is especially important to use current articles when including statistics or empirical data. Any exceptions should be approved in advance of completing the final research report.

Report Format:

1. Cover Page: 1 page

2. Introduction: 1 – 2 pages

3. 6 Article Summaries: 6 pages

4. 2 Case Studies:  2 pages

5. Presentation Thoughts – 1 page

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