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The essay assessment’s primary aim is to provide BSc (Hons) students with a vehicle to review and discuss research and associated textual evidence drawn from a range of hospitality, tourism and leisure businesses and organizations.

Topic- Critically analyse the role of different stakeholders in tourism planning and policy, drawing from a range of academic case studies.

The students should:

• Review, compare, and evaluate current researches/techniques/approaches, using exs and cases (national, international)
• Note that the written assignment is an unsupervised piece of work –you must undertake the research independently


• Word processed academic essay, with Title page, clear introduction/objectives, main body and conclusion.


• Students review generic materials relating to the Hospitality   industry
• Students can be selective when noting the emergence of key issues
• Answer need to show ability to match this generic framework with reading.
• The expectation is of a high evaluative content to this academic essay
• Scope for interpretation and creativity is expected and varied solutions are acceptable within the assessment pattern
• This is a 2600-word essay, excluding appendices, tolerance of 10%.
• Font size 12
• Space between lines 1,5
• Each page must be numbered and page numbers start where the actual text starts
• Where appropriate, a contents page, a list of tables/figures and a list of abbreviations should precede your work.
• A word count must be stated at the end of your work.
• All tables and figures must be correctly numbered and labelled.

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