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A term paper is the research paper written by the students over an academic term and accounting for the large part of grade. The Term papers are generally intended to describe the event of concept and argue the point. A term paper is written original work discussing the topic in the detail generally several typed of pages in length and is often due at the end of semester.

A term paper is an academic paper that could be available. This is not really to be expected but it is defines the format of that term papers should emulate. The Academic writing has its objective in increase of the knowledge and understanding of the particular occurrence. The Academic writing should strive for the objectivity, clarity, accuracy, and veracity.

The topic for the term paper can be anything that may serve to increase the knowledge and understanding of the literary occurrence, like the text and, specific elements of text, a theory, process of reading, the empirical reception, the act of understanding, the sociology of writing and reading etc.


The Term papers date back to beginning of the 19th century when the print could be reproduced cheaply and written texts of all the types could be easily produced and the disseminated. The Moulton and Holmes (2003) write that during years from the 1870 to 1900. The American education was transformed as writing became method of the discourse and research hallmark of the learning.

The Russell (1991) writes that in the 1910s, the research paper began to the harden into its familiar form adding that the sale of research papers both became problem during this time.

How to Write Term Paper:

The writing term paper is one of mainly the general requirements for an upper-division course such as one for which this book was probably assigned. Writing the term paper is one of the most ordinary needs for an upper-division course such as one for which book was probably assigned. Such term papers generally count for the significant part of final grade. Yet perhaps most, many, students have never received the formal order about how to write the good term paper. The pages are meant to the help you write a paper by giving some guidelines about how to go about term paper.

Origin and clarity of the word:

There is a good deal of overlap between the terms research paper and the term paper. The phrase term paper was originally used to the describe a written assignment that was due at end of the "term" either a semester and quarter depending on which unit of the measure a school used. On the other hand, not all term papers involve the academic research and not all the research papers are term papers.

Steps of term paper:

The Term paper is concisely written documented paper of the reasonable length in which student identifies, interprets, analyzes and draws conclusions from facts and the opinions of other people.

The term paper requires a student to the obtain information from a variety of the sources and then place it in sensibly developed ideas. There are nine steps in the writing a term paper which will be illustrated with the brief examples.

1. Select the Subject,

2. Narrow a Subject into the Topic,

3. State Objective,

4. Make the Preliminary Bibliography,

5. Prepare the tentative Working Outline,

6. Obtain the Notes,

7. Prepare the Final Outline,

8. Write a Draft,

9. Prepare a Final Copy.

What is the term paper or thesis?

A thesis and dissertation today serves same purpose as the medieval crafts-man masterpiece. It is a proof of ability to do the certain kind of the work.

To get the doctor's degree and  you must become familiar with the current sciatic knowledge of your subject add to this knowledge by the making an original discovery and then report results in  dissertation.

To get the master's degree it is sucient to make new synthesis and application of the knowledge already available and report results in thesis.

To pass the certain courses you must write term paper which demon-striates that you can be connect information and the report it in your own words. It is not necessary to make the new discovery and a new fusion.

How is a term paper judged?

Presentation is the more important than most students understand. Even the most of brilliant piece of sciatic work is useless if resulting report is the unclear and needlessly hard to the read or leaves the vital questions unanswered.

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