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A case study is an inquiry or investigation into an event by either an individual or the organization. It is formed through the systematic research, reporting and analysis. The Case studies scientific or cite professional sources and they are often used in the developing new procedures in the medicine, marketing and the technology. They are deliberated to ask questions "how" and "why" of an event, phenomena or procedure. If you are about to start a case study, it is significant that you dedicate the plenty of time to accurate the data gathering and the analysis. The Case studies can take place over a few weeks to a few years.



It is vital to remember that purpose of case study analysis is to evaluate and analyze strategic process evidenced in a case. This means that you will be constructing a case about whether, and in what ways, campaign was or was not efficient. Do NOT simply describe campaign or the case. The limit descriptions to summary section and minimum information essential to support your argument. The specific details will vary according to case being analyzed. In common, however, analysis should include the following:

Summary: Briefly summarize a situation described in the case (in one paragraph only)

Research: What types of research (study) were approved out (e.g., secondary, primary, quantitative, qualitative etc.), and why? Which research methods (e.g., focus groups, surveys, the content analysis, etc.) were used, and why? What stakeholder groups were recognized? Were any possible avenues, the methods or stakeholder relationships overlooked?

Objectives: What type of objectives was formulated for campaign? In this section, include only impact the objectives- the informational, the attitudinal behavioral as applicable. The process objectives, if any, should be included i the next section. Were these objectives suitable to situation? Why or why not?

Programming: Briefly explain the programming strategy used to pursue stated objectives. Include any themes or the key messages, the action strategies, and the use of media. Which the principles of communication are reflected in programming choices? Are they properly chosen? Why or why not? You should be able to identify at least three theories or the concepts relevant to case study.

Evaluation: What types of evaluation procedures were used? Were all of the objectives deliberated appropriately? Why or why not? Was timing of monitoring or the post-campaign evaluation sufficient to give an effective assess of the success?

2. Format and style

The case study analyses must be typed and the double-spaced, with 1" margins on all the sides, and otherwise prepared according to the APA style requirements. No cover sheet is required. They must be no less than 2 and no more than the 3 pages in the length. The student's name should appear in header at top of each page. All the pages should be numbered. Any reference materials used beyond textbook must be cited appropriately according to the APA guidelines. The only cite you're textbook if you are using the direct quotes; however, it is preferable to manufacture in your own words. Do NOT repeat the sentences from case description in the book, as this counts as the plagiarism.


The case study analysis will be graded based on the following:

*Thoroughness and the conciseness of descriptions

*The Comprehensiveness of analysis;

*The evidence of clear understanding of the public relations principles and the strategy development, issues and the other concepts addressed in course, and ability to apply them to the scenario in the question;

*The critical thinking skills;

*The clarity of writing, spelling, proper grammar and the punctuation, as well as adherence to the APA style guidelines.


A critical case is defined as having the strategic importance in relation to common problem. A critical case allows following type of the generalization, 'If it is valid for this case, it is valid for all the cases.' In its negative form, generalization would be, 'If it is not valid for this case, then it is not valid for any cases.'

The case study is also efficient for the generalizing using type of test that Karl Popper called the falsification, which forms part of the critical reflexivity. The falsification is one of most precise tests to which a scientific proposition can be subjected: if just one observation does not fit with proposition it is measured not valid generally and must therefore be either revised or rejected. The Popper himself used now the famous example of, "All swans are white," and projected that just one observation of a particular black swan would falsify this proposition and in this way have common implication and stimulate further the investigations and the theory-building. The case study is well suited for identifying the  "black swans" because of its in-depth approach: what emerges to be "white" often turns out on the closer examination to be the "black."


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