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A research paper is the necessary in researching a topic to establish what is recent in field. The importance of a research paper is it educates students to estimate and report on main ideas of a exacting subject area using the synthesis. The synthesizing information is not summarizing each the article, but rather organizing information by the each main points of larger topic.

What is a Research Paper?

"Research paper." What image comes into the mind as you listen to those words: the working with masses of the articles and the books, hunting "treasure" of the others' thoughts? Whatever image you generate, it's a sure stake that you're envisioning the sources of information--articles, people, books, and the artworks. Yet a research paper is more than sum of your sources, more than a compilation of different pieces of information about a topic, and more than a review of the literature in a field. A Research paper is a form of academic writing that requires a methodical or theoretical line of the thought. A research paper is an widespread essay in which you present your own analysis, assessment or the line of reasoning.


Choosing a Topic

The Research is a commitment of your time and the energy, so it is significant to have a clear idea of what you are looking for before you start the new.

What types of Information Do You Need?

Do you need books? Newspapers? Articles? Statistics?

Have you been asked to use the primary sources? The primary sources are the documents or the other original sources created at time of an event, and include the correspondence, official records, diaries, memoirs, newspaper articles, speeches, photographs and more. The secondary sources manufacture information provided by the primary sources and include th e criticisms, interpretations, summaries and evaluations. The edited books, Textbooks, biographies and the review articles are examples of secondary sources.

Writing the First Draft

With the outline before you, write as quickly and the instinctively as possible. Recording your thoughts as they go through your mind will help to assure the continuity. It is when you stop to consider the alternatives that gaps in the continuity occur. Though this manner of the writing often results in too much material, don't be troubled because it is easier to cut than to insert.

Prepare your manuscript:

The format your research paper so it fits guidelines of that pamphlet. The most journals provide a document called the "Instruction to Authors" or the "Author's Guide" that offers the specific instructions about type font, layout, and the length. It should also tell you how to submit your paper and what review procedure looks like.

Editing Your Own Work

The editing function is one of few really significant big things that you can study in college- ability to sight your own production with the enough courage to anticipate (and be concerned about) potential reader's reaction.

Submit your article.

Find journal you would like your research paper published in and submit it through suitable channels. Go back to Author's Guide to review the submission requirements. Some journals permit the online submission, while the others prefer a hard copy.

General style of Research Paper

The specific editorial requirements for the submission of a document will always supersede the instructions in these common guidelines.

To build a paper readable

*Print or type using a 12 point standard font, such as the Times, Bookman, Geneva, the Helvetica, etc.

*The text should be double spaced on the 8 1/2" x 11" paper with 1 inch margins, particular sided.

*Number the pages successively.

*Start with the each new section on a new page

*Adhere to the recommended page limits.

*To avoid the Mistakes.

*Placing a heading at bottom of a page with following text on next page.

*Dividing a table or the figure - confine each figure or the table to a single page.

*Submitting a paper with the pages out of the order

In all the sections of your paper

1)Use normal prose including the articles (like "a", "the," etc.)

2)Keep on focused on research topic of paper.

3)Use the paragraphs to separate each vital point (the except for abstract)

4)Align first line of each section.

5)Present your spots in the logical order.

6)Use the present tense to report the well accepted facts - for example, 'The Tajmahal is white'

7)Use the past tense to describe the specific results - for example, 'When weed killer was applied, grass was black'

8)Avoid the informal wording, do not address reader directly, and do not use the jargon, the slang terms, or the superlatives.

9)Avoid the use of superfluous pictures - include only those figures essential to presenting the results.

Title Page

Select an revealing title as illustrated in examples in your writing selection example package. Include names and the addresses of all the authors, and the date submitted. "Biology lab #5" would not be an useful title, for example.


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